political convention

political convention

Friday, April 17, 2020

Essential Business

States hoping to stop the spread of coronavirus have closed schools and non-essential businesses and told citizens to stay at home except for urgent tasks like shopping for food or filling prescriptions.

But these rules have made some people edgy. President Trump, for example, said he was tired of watching reruns of old baseball games and longs for the real thing (can you believe it, baseball fans?).

Now a few governors have decided to re-define some activities as "essential" because they appeal to certain constituencies. South Carolina has allowed sex shops to stay open. In Florida professional wrestling matches will  be allowed. 

Wrestling in Florida is essential to some people because it makes them lots of money. One beneficiary is Vince McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). McMahon is a pal of President Trump's and was named recently to the president's multi-industry council on re-opening the economy. So it's not surprising that Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and Trump sycophant, was happy to reclassify professional wrestling as an essential  business, just like pharmacies and food markets. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Trump-Infected Zombies

Protest Anti-virus Restrictions

Thousands of demonstrators have blocked streets and impeded access to public buildings in Michigan, Ohio and several other states to protest state government stay-at-home orders meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus. President Trump supported  the demonstrators, tweeting that they should "liberate" their states. Most of the protesters did not wear protective masks or maintain safe distance from others, as recommended by health experts. But some did carry firearms and wave Confederate flags, actions that epidemiologists say are not effective in preventing covid 19 disease. President Trump, has questioned the need for a continued shut-down across the country and has refused to wear a protective mask. As of 4/24/20, more than 50,000 Americans have died from the virus and there is not yet a vaccine or a cure.