political convention

political convention

Friday, December 7, 2018

What’s in a Name?

A Lot if You’re
Rick or Scott

Have you ever noticed that some of America’s worst politicians are named either Rick or Scott and that one horrible governor has both names? Read on.

Rick Snyder of Michigan. He and his administration failed to aggressively address the Flint water crisis and subsequent lead poisoning of Flint children. Also signed Michigan’s emergency manager law that allowed Snyder to fire local elected officials and replace them with handpicked leaders who were given dictatorial power over city affairs but never had to stand for election.

Scott Walker of Wisconsin. With help from a Republican controlled legislature, stripped the collective bargaining rights of public employees, cut funds for public education and attempted to place state universities under private control. 

Update, 12-14-18:  Walker lost the 2018 election and will be out of office in January.  But he has signed laws passed by lame duck Republican legislators that will curtail the constitutional powers of the newly elected Democratic governor and other Democratic state officials. Rick Snyder, Michigan's lame duck governor is considering similar authoritarian measures aimed at voiding state election results.

Rick Scott of Florida. Was forced to resign as CEO of Columbia/Hospital Corporation of America because the company was found to have defrauded Medicare and Medicaid. Though the company was heavily fined, Scott was never charged with a crime and he went on to become governor of Florida.  He recently was declared winner in the race for U.S. senator even though votes in some urban areas went suspiciously uncounted and election workers were harassed by Scott supporters while they counted ballots.

Rick PerryFormer governor of Texas. Perry’s long record of poor governance includes attacks on reproductive rights, restriction of marriage rights, attempts to use government to impose fundamentalist religious values and diversion of federal education funds to pay off the state budget deficit caused by tax cuts.  When appointed by Trump as Secretary of Energy, Perry thought the job involved supervision of the oil industry. In fact, it concerns nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors and disposal of radioactive waste.

Rick SantorumFormer U.S. senator from Pennsylvania. He’s a perennial presidential candidate and one of America’s looniest politicians.  He has advocated the elimination of credit cards because they encourage overindulgence and profligacy, He wants Americans to eat out less because it diminishes the traditional role of women in the household and gluttony is a sin. Santorum also advocates repeal of the 21st Amendment, which ended prohibition.                                                             
Scott Pruit, Former EPA head in the Trump administration. Regularly traveled first class at government expense. Paid $50 a night in high-rent Washington for a room in a house owned by the wife of an energy lobbyist.  Spent $3.5 million in government money for a contingent of 20 personal security guards. Sent government paid aides out to buy him football tickets and also used them to scout for used mattresses from Trump hotels, presumably for use in his rented room. 

Given the record of the Scott and Rick governors, it’s not surprising that three of the four are from states that rejected expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Michigan is the exception.  Santorum opposes any form of government health program as well as Social Security. He once told the story of his grandfather, who worked digging coal until he died at 72 and never needed government assistance. Scott Pruitt was forced out of the EPA job because he was more interested in the perks of office than protecting the environment and the health and well being of Americans. 

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