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political convention

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trump’s Russian Sons

Sam Nunberg Trump

Carter Page Trump 
 Shocking Discovery in Collusion Investigation

Sources close to the Mueller probe into connections between President Donald Trump and the Russians have revealed the stunning news that two men who have attracted the interest of investigators are the unacknowledged sons of the president by two different Russian women.  

One of the men has been identified as Carter Page, who worked briefly as a Trump foreign affairs adviser.  The other is Sam Nunberg, a former political adviser on the Trump campaign who says he is a close friend of Trump confidant Roger Stone.

How Mueller's investigators discovered that Page and Nunberg are sons of Trump and therefore half bothers has not been revealed. Speculation is that the mothers of the two men became involved in sexual relationships with Trump during visits to Russia. It is not clear whether the men knew of their familial relationship before it came to be known to investigators.  It is also unknown what connections their mothers had to the Russian government, if any. Both women are Russian citizens, according to the Mueller investigation sources.

The Two Men May Be Mueller Targets

Media reports have established that Page has been the subject of FBI interest since 2013 because of his contacts with Russian government officials and business executives, some of whom have close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.  Nunberg is known in conservative political circles as a social gadfly who has had access to the White House. He was recently served with a subpoena by the special council's office ordering him to testify before a grand jury.

President Trump has three other sons as well as two daughters. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were born to the President's first wife Ivana as was daughter Ivanka.  Barron Trump is the president's son with his current wife Melania. Tiffany Trump is the president's daughter with second wife Marla Maples.
The White House has declined any comment on the discovery of the president's unknown sons and has issued no public denial of the relationship.  So far the president has not responded with tweets, as is his custom when controversial news breaks from the Mueller investigation.  

Though the brothers bear little resemblance to one another or to the president, they have drawn media attention because of their buffoonish behavior in public.  Page is frequently photographed wearing a shapeless rain hat, even on sunny days.  After receiving his grand jury subpoena Nunberg did several television interviews where he smiled and laughed awkwardly and appeared to be drunk.  

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