political convention

political convention

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Finally, Some 
Non-Fake News

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders surprised  reporters at at the start of today's press briefing by reading a nine-year-old boy's adoring letter to the president.  The letter writer's identity was not revealed and Sanders didn't disclose what steps had been taken to verify the document's authenticity. The briefing was the first where cameras were allowed since Sanders took over from Sean Spicer. Reporters were expected to ask about Republican moves in the Senate to abolish Obamacare and the president's attacks on Attorney General Sessions, among other hot topics. Sanders read the nine-year-old's letter before taking questions.

But was the letter really from a 9-year-old? 

Monday, July 17, 2017

“I think we are pretty close 
to a laughingstock at this point" 

Walter M. Shaub, outgoing director of the Office of Government Ethics, speaking to the New York Times about the Trump administration's commitment to ethical and anti-corruption standards.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

In Case You Forgot, 
He’s President

“The fake news media tried to stop us from going to the White House. But I’m president and they’re not.” —President Trump at a political rally July 2

Other presidential Independence Day declarations:

"Twitter thought they could stop me with their 140-character limit.  But I’m president and they’re not."

"They said I could only have one scoop of ice cream? But I’m president and they’re not."

"Emoluments Clause, what Emoluments Clause? The simpletons known as Democrats say I shouldn’t skim money from the Saudis and other foreign poohbahs who stay in my hotels or pretend to play golf at my resorts.  But I’m president and they’re not."

"Millions of ordinary people will be screwed out of health insurance if Trumpcare becomes law. These losers think I should care.  But I’m president and they’re not."

"Mueller and his gang think members of my campaign colluded with the Russians and fixed the election.  But I’m president and they’re not."

"Mika and Megyn, Rosie and Hillary and all those other horrible women say I’m a sexist pig. But I’m president and they’re not."

"Where are Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, Jared Kushner and Kellyanne Conway and all the other hangers-on who still linger in the White House corridors?  It may soon be sayonara for them.  But I’m president and they’re not."

"So the fake media and the limp-doily Democrats are embarrassed because I misremembered Frederick Douglass, thought Israel wasn’t in the Middle East and shoved aside the prime minister of Montenegro during a diplomatic photo op. But I'm president and they're not."

"Fake historians claimed I was wrong when I told the true story of Civil War hero Andrew Jackson.  But I'm president and they're not." 

"The fake news media said I shouldn’t have talked about the Syrian missile strike while having dinner with President Xi Jinping of China. Or were they upset about us digging into a big beautiful chocolate cake? But I’m president and they’re not.  

"The intelligence spooks said security was breached when I talked with Prime Minister Abe of Japan about secret intelligence on North Korea while having dinner at Mar-A-Lago.  Okay, the waiters were hovering and the ears of other guests perked up. But I'm president and they're not."