political convention

political convention

Monday, May 29, 2017

Papal Exorcism Fails; 

Victim Seeks Help from Genie

Genie enters brain of man with presidential delusions 

From our religion correspondent

The Vatican:  The attempt by Pope Francis to exorcise a demon from the body of an American man has failed, according to a church spokesperson. The subject of the exorcism was identified only as a wealthy American with possible business ties to the Vatican. The procedure targeted a demon that inhabited the man’s body and led him to believe he was president of the United States.  The Vatican gave no explanation for why the Pope’s efforts failed.The American man was last seen stumbling across St. Peter’s Square and boarding a large limousine with tiny American flags on the front fenders. Later, the man’s wife and daughter told reporters he was taken to a villa on the outskirts of Rome where he was seeking help from a Middle Eastern genie. The genie is known to use a crystal ball to enter a client's brain to examine the contents. No findings have been reported so far. 

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