political convention

political convention

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Miserable Life of Trump's Chump

Sean Spicer, Trump press secretary, has been accused of lying to the media by repeating false claims by his boss about the size of the crowd at the presidential inauguration.  When reporters nailed him with the facts, he accused them of being dishonest. A few days later Spicer repeated an unsubstantiated claim that “studies” had confirmed rampant voter fraud in the recent election.  No such studies were found and several members of Congress raised questions about the moral standards in the White House.

It was then that the press secretary began showing signs of self-pity.  The New York Times reported in its media section (1/30/17) that Spicer insisted that the White House be given the same leeway afforded news organizations when they make editorial or reporting errors. “I don’t know how many corrections are in the New York Times any given day.  But I don’t wake up every day and go, ‘OK, you’re all liars.’” 

A glance at the corrections published in the January 28th edition of the Times is instructive:

In the obituary of television star Mary Tyler Moore, the last name of actor Gavin MacLeod was incorrectly spelled McLeod.  Ms. Moore’s 1980 Tony Award was a special commendation and was not given in a competitive acting category.  The writer used an outdated reference to the location of Ms. Moore’s home.

The name of a prominent Korean businessman was misspelled in early editions in a story about government corruption in that country.

An article on Academy Award nominees misreported the production budget of one of the films.  It should have been $1.5 million instead of $5 million

The name of a pop music organization mentioned in weekend entertainment listings was given as the Country Music Awards when it should have been the Country Music Association Awards.

Who would have thought that the New York Times was awash in such dishonesty?

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