political convention

political convention

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Art of the Squeal

Latest Headlines:

Donald Trump makes disgusting mess in toilet when turbulence hits his private Jet

Presidential candidate Donald Trump went missing for 20 minutes from the cabin of his private airliner last night as it flew over Iowa on the way to South Carolina. During his disappearance the plane hit extreme turbulence and dropped 5,000 feet in just a few seconds. 

Crew members discovered an exhausted and pale Trump in his private bathroom in the rear of the plane. When questioned later, crew members, who would not give their names, said the scene in the bathroom was unbelievable.  "It was disgusting," said one flight attendant. "Far worse than Hilary Clinton. Up to the ankles." 

When questioned by reporters later, Trump said that reports he had soiled himself were "just plain lies" concocted by the Clinton campaign.  "Can't a guy just take a leak without you creeps making a headline out of it?" 

The Clinton campaign had no comment on the controversy, which is becoming known in the media as "potty gate" or "Trump's Dump."

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