political convention

political convention

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Archbishop Warns of the Hidden Agenda of Evil

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has issued a long list of sexual and reproductive taboos that will be imposed on teachers and staff at four local Catholic high schools. Among practices he defined as “gravely evil” were sex outside marriage, same-sex marriage and any form of “artificial reproductive technology.” Employees who don't comply may be fired. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Cordileone says he took this action because “of the tremendous pressure contemporary culture places on everyone to conform to a certain agenda.”  He didn’t say what that agenda was, who was enforcing it or if those who didn’t comply would lose their jobs, which is the case under his plan.  Of course, Cordileone belongs to an organization where grown men are prohibited from having sex.  Widespread violation of this commandment, especially with little boys and girls, as well as the gravely evil effort to cover it up, has been a disaster for the Church. That suggests one reason the Archbishop has now activated a perverse diversionary tactic. It is to demonize the normal and widely accepted sexual and reproductive choices of ordinary people.

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