political convention

political convention

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Supreme Court Approves Prayer at Government Meetings: A Small Southern Town Responds

Transcript of the meeting of the Littletown, Mississippi water commission.

Chairman:  The meeting of the board of commissioners of the Littletown, Mississippi water district is called to order.  As usual we'll begin our meeting with a prayer and Rev. Smith of the Littletown  Baptist Church is our regular prayer leader. Well, he’s kind of the only show in town (laughter).  Now, the Supreme Court tells us that it’s OK to pray before our meetings but we can’t have the same preacher from the same church every time. That makes it look like we’re pushing just one religion. Well, there’s only one church in town (more laughter). But we do have these Iraqi immigrants living out by the air base. There’s a group of them here tonight. They want the commission to approve repairs to the old water pipes going out their way.  They also brought their shaman…ah…imam  with them.  Mr. Hussein.  He’s going to give us a prayer. Now the way I think this works is that you all remove your shoes and kneel on the floor facing east.  Oh, all you gals will have to move to the back of the room (Loud shouting and general hubbub). Order, order. The Supreme Court didn’t say you had stay and listen. The meeting’s adjourned. Mr. Hussein go ahead and do your thing.  We’ll all be back next week when Rev. Smith will give us a proper prayer. No. There won’t be any action tonight on those busted pipes. 

Letter published in the New York Times, May 7, 2014
To the Editor:
It always seems that the very same people (and justices) who believe that the Second Amendment is sacrosanct have no trouble meddling with the First. I have no doubt that if our country’s founders could see the unending string of tragedies resulting from a dogmatic interpretation of the Second Amendment and the repeated trashing of the First, they would make some changes to the Bill of Rights.The Second Amendment would be dumped and replaced with the following: “Please reread the First Amendment!”
Lincolndale, N.Y., May 6, 2014

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