political convention

political convention

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rick Scott: America's Worst Governor

If there were a poll to pick America’s worst governor, the winner would be Florida’s Rick Scott and the margin of error would be plus or minus 0 percent.  

 Since taking office just five months ago, Scott has amassed a record of misdeeds that is unmatched for skullduggery. 

• He has tried to pack the state supreme court with conservative justices by dividing the court in two—one part to hear criminal cases and the other civil cases.  This arrangement would give Scott a whole new slate of justices to appoint.

• He has backed a law requiring women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound procedure and to hear a scripted lecture from their doctor on the risks of abortion.  Women may request a waiver of the ultrasound but they will have to pay for the procedure anyway. 

• He has killed plans for high speed rail line between major Florida cities.  He sealed the deal by rejecting $2.4 billion in federal support for the project, saying he wanted to leave the money in the federal treasury to help reduce the deficit. Instead, the money was redirected to other states, which were delighted to receive it. 

• He won passage of a law requiring drug testing for anyone applying for welfare or similar state assistance. The applicant would have to pay for the test if the result was positive and would be reimbursed if the result was negative. 

• Scott supports a bill that will reduce the time allowed for early voting from two weeks to one.  The bill also prevents voters from changing their address at the polling place and then casting their ballot.  Democrats believe the law will reduce the number of poor and minority voters, who usually vote for Democratic candidates.

Scott will sign a bill cutting the time people in Florida can receive unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 23 weeks.  Florida has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and provides some of the lowest benefits. Nevertheless, Scott and his Republican colleagues in the legislature believe reducing benefits will motivate people to find work. 

• Scott has proposed $1 billion in tax cuts for corporations, which will be acted on by the legislature next year.

• Scott will sign a bill that decriminalizes accidentally showing a concealed weapon in public. 

• Scott will sign a law that enacts criminal penalties for students who go to school wearing droopy pants that reveal their underwear.  

 With these actions, and similar ones too numerous to mention, Scott has compiled an enemies list that includes a wide spectrum of citizens:  Young women, school children, ordinary taxpayers, old people, low income people, voters, unemployed people, public transportation users, judges and lawyers.   It’s small wonder that after scarcely five months in office, Scott is viewed unfavorably by 54 percent of Florida voters, according to independent polling.  Some 55 percent say they would now vote for his opponent if the election were held again. 

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