political convention

political convention

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Movement Born Again and Again

With the release of his official birth certificate from Hawaii, there can no longer be any reasonable doubt that President Obama is a citizen of the United States.  But, of course, there was no “reasonable doubt” to begin with. Only ignoramuses, crackpots and racists thought Mr. Obama was born in a foreign country, which makes you wonder about the Republican Party. A recent poll shows that more than 40 percent of registered Republicans think the president's place of birth was in either Kenya or Indonesia.  Where do these people come from?

But now as prominent Republicans join the race for president,  doubt is building about their qualifications for the highest office.  Where’s the proof they are natural born citizens as required by the Constitution?  Investigators are coming up with shocking revelations.

Tim Pawlenty:  Former governor of Minnesota, age 50.  Claims to have been born in St. Paul, Minnesota.  But immigration records suggest otherwise.  His mother’s name was Gabriela and his father went by Guido when they entered the country with a four-year-old child in 1965.  A helpful immigration officer attempted to Americanize their last name, changing Polenta to Pawlenty.  

Newt Gingrich:  The former Republican Speaker of the House has been working hard to conceal his real identity.  In March 2009 he converted to Catholicism from his original Baptist religion.  He has changed wives twice under questionable circumstances.  Mr. Gingrich lists Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as his place of birth, but while in Congress he represented a district in Georgia.  Neither state has provided an official birth certificate. 

Sarah Palin:  Alaska became the 49th state when it was admitted to the union January 3, 1959. However, Sarah, now 46,  was not born there.  Her actual birth place was in the old Soviet Union, which brings up the frightening realization that she may be the Siberian Candidate. 

Mike Huckabee:  His nickname is “Huck” and the name of his fund raising committee is “HuckPac.”  No true American would call himself Huck; it rhymes with too many words that can’t be uttered in polite company.  Huck, 55, says he was born in Hope, Arkansas.  Come on! Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas. Huck will say anything to seem presidential.  He was actually born in Huccaby, England, a name partly derived from an Old English word meaning “crooked.”  Look it up. 

Mitt Romney:  His father was George Romney, who, according to a published biography and numerous on-line sources, was born in a Mormon religious colony in Chihuahua, Mexico July 8, 1907. He nevertheless ran for president in 1968 (see National Governor's Association, www.nga.org).  George was CEO of American Motors, which manufactured the Nash Rambler and then went out of business.  Mitt has been silent about his father’s “birther”issue.  However, he has declared that questions about President Obama’s birthplace are “ridiculous” and “unfounded.”  Mitt was born in Detroit but had nothing to do with the Nash Rambler.

Donald Trump:  He claims to have been born at Jamaica Hospital in Jamaica, New York.  This fine medical institution is home to the Brady Institute for Traumatic Brain Injury.  That may have been helpful to Donald in later life, but in fact he’s never been to Jamaica Hospital.  He was born in Kingston, Jamaica in a hotel owned by his grandfather. Donald later purchased the hotel so he could erect a statue in the lobby commenorating his birth.   

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