political convention

political convention

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where Were You Born?

One day you might want to run for president.  If so, you should check your birth certificate.  The Constitution requires the president to be a natural born citizen of the United States.  And as you may know, there has been considerable controversy about whether some politicians meet this criterion. 

A vocal group of people called “birthers” has sprung up to challenge candidates about where they were born.  Thousands of people have become birthers, including well-known politicians like Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

Birthers are always trying to trip up people who want to run for president.  A presidential candidate might show his or her birth certificate but the birthers will argue it’s not good enough because it doesn’t have an official signature.  Another candidate’s document might say “birth certificate,” but it will be discredited because it should say “certificate of birth.”  Yet other documents will be rejected because they lack a stamp or seal. 

President Barrack Obama has an officially registered birth certificate from Hawaii, but it turns out it  has all of these flaws. No matter which way the birthers read it, upside down or right side up, they find it insufficient. Some birthers also can’t remember if Hawaii is a state and that further troubles their minds. 

That brings us to Donald Trump, television host, property developer, billionaire, and owner of one of history’s most idiotic hairdos. Mr. Trump is thinking about running for president.  He has taken a hard look at the documents purporting to show that Barrack Obama was born in the United States, but he rejects them all.  Mr. Trump claims he’s not a birther. He just wants to know what the president is trying to hide about the circumstances of his birth.

But now Mr. Trump himself is in trouble.  Someone asked to see his birth certificate.  The piece of paper Mr. Trump presented was from a hospital in New York, not an official document with a seal from the city’s health department.  The hospital apparently gave away such forms as a nice memento for the parents.  Mr. Trump’s lawyer said his client would show a signed and sealed birth certificate as soon as he finds one.  In the meantime, his presidential supporters will be crossing their fingers.
The birthers won’t be biding their time, however.  They may soon be making inquiries about other presidential candidates, even some who support their cause.  Michelle Bachmann, for example, clearly hails from outer space and wouldn’t be considered presidential material under  Article II Section I of the Constitution.   

To see a photo of Barrack Obama's official birth certificate and for information about its authenticity go to the sites below.

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