political convention

political convention

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Tale of Running Mates and Also Rans

Sen. John McCain, who proved to be a man of inconceivably bad judgment for his choice of running mate in 2008, wants the United States to establish a no-fly zone in Libya.  This act of war would entail bombing Libyan air defenses followed by other unspecified military actions in support of…..?  With the objective of….?  With a defined time frame of….?  This position is also endorsed by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who tailed McCain during the 2008 campaign as his de facto running mate.  Sen. Lieberman was the actual running mate of presidential candidate Al Gore in 2000.  Sen. John Kerry, who ran for president in 2004, and as a young Navy veteran had the sense to advocate U.S. withdrawal from Viet Nam, also wants the U.S. to bomb Libya.  Is War III on its way?   Money to pay for an attack on Libya would come from the sacrosanct 59 percent of the federal budget allocated to defense, with probable special augmentations as needed.  The remaining 41 percent of the budget is the subject of the current cutting hysteria in Washington. This so-called discretionary spending supports education, health care, environmental regulation,  food safety, public transportation,  infrastructure,  arts and culture, disaster relief,  elder care, national parks, scientific research, energy and resource management, air safety, border control, regulation of commerce, housing….. As Monty Python’s homicidal barber would say, “cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.”  (The role was played by Michael Palin no less; not related to she who must not be named.)

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