political convention

political convention

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Oracle at Delhi: She Who Must Not Be Named

Enigmatic as ususal, the erstwhile governor of Alaska and failed vice presidential candidate appeared in New Delhi, India the other day with a message of freedom and free enterprise.  In her comments to a conference of business leaders and dignitaries, the former governor summoned the spirits of Reagan and Lincoln, declaring them her political gurus and her inspiration for becoming a Republican. As for what lies ahead for the human race, she said that relations between India and the U.S. held “the key to the future of the world.”  She foresaw China, on the other hand, as a growing military power that threatened peace.  "Free people that make up a free country don't wage war on another free country," she said, referring to India and the U.S.  "I want peace on Earth."   After the conference the former governor left for Israel where a Reuters photograph showed her entering the Old City of Jerusalem with what appeared to be a Star of David on a chain around her neck.  She was to meet later with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Observers suggested that the former governor was using her trip to develop her foreign policy credentials in preparation for a run for president in 2012. 

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