political convention

political convention

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dim Bulbs

A  law signed by President Bush in 2007 mandates that  light bulbs meet certain efficiency standards to reduce electricity consumption.  The law takes effect next year and is meant to boost sales of efficient compact fluorescent lights.  The fluorescent lights cost  more than standard bulbs, but they last much longer and burn less electricity.  But who cares about these advances in  energy conservation?  It's the end of the world as we know it, according to incensed citizens and members of Congress who want to stop this outrage.  Rep. Michelle Bachmann (TP, Minnesota) attacked fluorescent lights in her response to the State of the Union, saying the new rules are another example of big government intrusion.  Citizens across the country are stockpiling old-style bulbs.  Many say they can't stand the brief flicker when a fluorescent light turns on.  Others are worried about a minute quantity of mercury present in fluorescent lights.  One stockpiler, who also works for a right-wing think tank, is afraid that her son, who is autistic, will be poisoned because he's always knocking over lamps. She has already stashed 100 conventional bulbs and plans to buy more.  Sen. Rand Paul (TP, Kentucky) said he resents the light bulb standards and is also angry about government rules for water conserving toilets.  Apparently the toilets in his house don't work very well. And now, with the new light bulb regulations, he won't even be able to see what's happening in the bowl when he flushes.

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